Feed Me Weird Things & Record Collector present MOPCUT (Germany)
with special guest David Hurlin

Tue, May 24, 2022 at 9pm

  • All Ages
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MOPCUT (Germany)

David Hurlin

Tuesday May 24th 9pm doors

Trumpet Blossom Cafe $15 / $10 students

Limited capacity seated audience 

Vaxx & mask mandatory 


MOPCUT (USA/FRA/AUT) MOPCUT is a medium-length noise-style that covers the head and ears with a vertical bang and a horizontal wave. It's a popular style for all ages, genders and generations. The soundscape should be trimmed evenly all around the circumference so that the noise at the front reaches the inner eye while the waves on the sides cover (or almost fully cover) the ears. The beats at the back maintain the same length as the samples at the front and sides. Once the overall sound is achieved, trimming is used to achieve minimalism or maximalism, depending. Improvisation, noise and electronic beats work well as backgrounds for the MOPCUT. Electronic appliances and devices may be used to give the MOPCUT a bit more volume, but effects may lead to standing up instead of hanging low. Their objective is a construct of noise and sounds that completely envelopes the listeners and has an equally as intensive impact on the ears as on the inner eye – that’s how the trio describes the project MOPCUT, which celebrated its premiere at donaufestival Krems (AUT) in 2018. Their improvisation abilities transcend all genre borders. It’s a trio that uses voice, guitar,drums+synthesizers.

Mopcut are Audrey Chen from the US on voice and analogue electronics, Giuliano Deadprez from France on electric guitar and Alfred Kornberg from Austria on drums and synthesizer. Mopcut aim at minimalism or maximalism, depending. Improvisation, noise and electronic beats work well as backgrounds.(…) With its lo-fi electronics, the album “Accelerates Frames of Reference” is mostly zany and playful, but with darker, visceral explorations such as “Hail Shaft”. A tightly disciplined yet exuberant set of performances. (WIRE,2018)

(…) a trio collectively known as Mopcut. Chen’s electronically processed vocalizations morph and meld with the grinding, distorted drones of guitar and the various triggers, loops and low rumbles of Kornenberg’s devices. What emerges is a series of evocative electro-soundscapes, the noises of a dense cosmopolis, as chilling as they are alluring. (NYC Jazz Records, 2019)


David Hurlin

David Hurlin received his BFA in photography and tabla of the Hindustani classical music tradition from Maharishi International University (MIU) including seven months abroad in India studying with tabla master Anup Ghosh. His photography took him around the United States photographing his favorite poets (James Tate, Charles Wright, Cole Swenson to name a few) which informed his own reading and continued writing.  His first book of poems Zero Gravity Funk Libido was released in 2019 by Blue Light Press in San Francisco.

Currently, Hurlin is a professional drummer and percussionist. Drummer for Elizabeth Moen, Bo Ramsey and most recently with Mike Dillon Band and Nolatet. He has toured all over the country and is in high demand, both as a performer and session drummer. In addition to touring and recording, David is working on compositions and collaborations which lean more toward sound art, sculpture, installation and performance art. He is currently pursuing his MA in studio art at MIU and will be getting his MFA at University of Iowa in sculpture/intermedia in the fall of 2021