Feed Me Weird Things & Film Scene proudly present: Everything is Terrible! THE GREAT SATAN!

Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 8pm

  • 19+
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                                                                              Everything Is Terrible!’s

                                                                            T H E G R E A T S A T A N

Since the dawn of time, man has searched for answers... and failed. But the fog of existence has finally cleared thanks to the eternal fruits of your favorite found footage collective, Everything Is Terrible! Over the last 10 years, EIT! has reinterpreted our shared memory into 3,000+ daily web videos, collected 15,000 Jerry Maguire VHS tapes, and forever altered the collective consciousness. Now, with their longtime collaborator Lucifer, Everything Is Terrible! has ingested over 2,000 satanic panic, religious kook, and D-horror VHS tapes. They have recontextualized them and created a narrative feature that reminds us all who we are, why we are here, and what we should be doing with our paltry time on this dumb planet. And now they invite you to be an initiate of the psychedelic devotion of EIT! As you take your blood oath, your journey will brim with evangelical ducks, goopy ghouls, and sad white men who believe that Dungeons & Dragons summon actual horned demons. Join your bedazzled Dadgods for an all-new live show, featuring never before seen puppets and costumes, as EIT! presents their newest feature, T H E G R E A T S A T A N. But be warned… If you really want to see your mind, you’ve got to be ready to rip your skull open…

Please bring your offerings of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes to the altar when EIT! comes to your town.

The Mill

120 E Burlington St.
Iowa City, IA 52240

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