Dead Coast Presents: Small Houses
with Good Morning Midnight

Thu, Feb 28 at 8pm

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Dead Coast Presents: 

Small Houses with Good Morning Midnight

Thursday, February 28th

$7 ⎮ 8:30PM


Small Houses is an Austin, TX based solo, indie folk project featuring the songs, photos and poems of Flint, MI native, Jeremy Quentin. Thoughtful finger-style guitar playing 35mm renderings, and the words to accompany. 

"Quentin refuses to sleep sometimes, unable to rest on any complacency when it comes to what we find value in. he knows beauty and he knows sadness and it puts them into the same vase." - Sean Moeller; Daytrotter/Moeller Nights

"[Small Houses] resonates with an affinity for other songwriters including Gillian Welch, Ryan Adams, and Jeff Tweedy, but is not solely defined by them" - Brittany Joyce; VICE/PASTE

Trumpet Blossom Cafe

310 E Prentiss St
Iowa City, IA 52240

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